Getting Around Your New City at University

There is a very strong likely-hood that it your are planning to attend University, it will be the first time you move away from home, usually to a much larger and unfamiliar city. Ipersonally experienced this by moving from a small town to Liverpool, which was a big shock initially (and Liverpool isn’t even THAT big). With larger cities, accommodations can be spread all over the place, you may get lucky and live near both the University and local amenities such as supermarkets and shops, therefore you very rarely have to deal with the hassle of transport and paying for it. Most people however do have to use some sort of public transport on a daily basis either for travelling to town or to the University. Below are some tips on how you can make this aspect of student life run a little but smoother without financially crippling you.

Probably the most common form of public transport for students, yet probably the most hated due to people’s misconceptions about them being busy, dirty and unpredictable services. But you must remember that it’s also one of the cheapest ways to get around. For students, most bus companies run a student travel rate which turns out cheaper than the price of a regular ticket. Bus passes are also available which are usually valid for a term, these can save you a great deal of money if you will be a frequent bus traveler.

Not really used to get around a town or city, but are widely used to visit other areas of the country such as home or to see friends who are at University in different areas of the country. Trains can be very expensive, so it is advised to book online early to receive more favorable rates. Student can apply for a young person’s railcard for only £20, in exchange you receive a third off the price of a regular ticket, this can pay for itself in only one journey.

Much more expensive than buses and are not recommended for day-to-day convenience transportation due to the price involved, using taxis every day really could create a huge hole in your pocket. The only time I would recommend using a taxi would be on the way home after a night out or if you really don’t have any idea where your required destination is located. Make sure you use a taxi service which is officially registered and is legal to carry paying passengers.

In larger cities there are other cheap and reliable forms of public transport such as dedicated student buses and metro trams. Make sure that you include these transport costs into your budget. It’s important to think sensibly about your transport, you really don’t want to suffer financially just to even get to University every day. As usual comments and experiences are welcomed below.

How to Carefully Choose Interstate Car Transport

When trying to locate and choose an interstate car transport company, you will find you have several options. You can always search through your local telephone book, contact friends or family members who may have used interstate car transport services before, word of mouth, or you can find plenty online just searching Google. It is a very easy process. All you need to do is type in words such as interstate auto transport, automobile transport, auto shipping, car hauler and so on.

First thing you should do when choosing an interstate car transport company is to compare the charges and services offered by each transport company. You will be able to obtain free quotes from multiple interstate car transport companies online. It is essential that when filling out quotes you put pickup and delivery dates, pickup and destination locations, year, make and model of vehicle, additional information such as extended cabs, kits, large tires, etc. You need to specify whether the car is operable or inoperable. Specify the car transport service desired such as opened or enclosed trailer. Open trailer transport is usually 60%-70% cheaper than having your car shipped in an enclosed trailer. Providing all this information will give you the most accurate quotes, and no surprises later.

Once you received your quote, find out which payment methods are acceptable. Generally, auto shipping companies require a deposit by credit card or certified funds, while remaining balances are made on delivery. Be aware of companies offering the lowest rates, this can sometimes causes delays in your pickup and delivery times because transport drivers often shy away from lower paying loads, to accept the higher paying vehicles to transport.

Second, always verify their transport credentials and check the Better Business Bureau for complaints, comments and grade rating, this can all be done online. Make sure they are experienced by checking company age with the FHWA. All interstate car transport companies should be insured, have insurance certificates, and bonded if acting as Broker. Be sure they are registered with the USDOT with a MC number assigned to them. The transportation company should have skilled professional drivers who can handle your vehicle through various weather conditions and road hazards. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions and read your transport contract thoroughly. Always have a written agreement with any interstate car transport company, never rely on verbal agreements. Be sure when the driver inspects your vehicle, your right there to confirm everything he documents on the bill of lading.